Funeral set for 7-year-old girl who died from CO poisoning on Wisconsin lake boat

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This October 2015 story line from Edina, Wisconsin confirms that to one is immune to the heartbreaking news stories we all to frequently hear about people dying from exposure to carbon monoxide, CO.

Besides the headlines of tragedies like this one and many others like it each year here in the United States is the much, much larger and sadly, untold story of those who are most vulnerable in our society.

Newborn infants and children under five years old, pregnant women and the children they are carrying, people with chronic respiratory illnesses like COPD and asthma, these with heart disease and our elderly.

These groups of people are categorized as “high risk” individuals to who could succumb to numerous illnesses due to chronic, low level exposure to CO in indoor air. This indoor air of is often the air within their own homes!

These people represent nearly three out of every ten people here in the United States, nearly 100 million people.
We all likely have one of these high risk individuals in our lives.

Maybe more.

It is because of people just like them that First Resort Safety LLC was founded.