image001 First Resort Safety LLC was founded in order to increase awareness and educate individuals about the “silent poison” and “silent killer.” Once folks understand that CO is the most common toxic in the world, accounting for half of all poisoning cases, they can outfit themselves with the necessary alarms to detect the presence of CO in any environment.

Our Mission

“To properly educate the public, particularly those in the health care, education and homeland security markets to be able to identify potential threats to themselves, and especially “high risk” individuals whose health is most affected by the imminent dangers of chronic, low-level exposure to CO.”
Proper education, and having the necessary low level detectors, will ultimately lead to protecting people’s health and saving lives by reducing the risks of exposure to CO, “the silent poison.” Providing a unique vision for adapting equipment for new uses and applications has quickly propelled First Resort Safety LLC into numerous new markets.

G. Robert Ladzinski founded First Resort Safety LLC in order to complete a mission of “protecting workers on the job.” This began upon graduating from Villanova University in 1985. His work ethic, “hands on” experience, and “college knowledge” have allowed him to relate easily with workers since he began his career 30 years ago. He bridges the gap between workers and their managers. He properly educates them to better understand the hazardous conditions in many different workplaces. This creates a safer, more positive and more productive work environment. For the past 20 years, he has specialized in hazardous gas detection in HAZMAT, Homeland Security, Environmental and Industrial applications. He has trained thousands of clients in the US and Canada on the applications of photoionization detectors, electrochemical and radiation sensors, as well as wireless transmission of these sensor technologies.